'Natural Rights' is a flawed concept.
(unless you believe in a god that designed life in a specific way, or other such belief)
'Rights', whether 'Legal Rights' or (the flawed concept of) 'Natural
Rights', are notions of:
Fair / just entitlement to some things.
Fair / just protection from some things.
Following are based on values (and some principles we adopt based
on values and the below) (to varying extents):
Justness / Fairness / Rightness / Wrongness / Goodness /
Badness / Moral / Immoral / Obligations / Duty / Responsibility.
Things (including living beings) have objective inherent qualities.
The value that one associates with an objective quality is subjective
and can vary from person to person.
Variances in value for the same underlying objective qualities
can arise from:
Different brain chemistries (including emotions).
Different conditioning (upbringing, environment, life
experience, etcetera).
Differing information (we can seek to inform each other)
Erroneous beliefs / thinking / logic / facts (we can seek to help
each other make corrections).
Varying values for natural (inherent) qualities can lead to varying
subjective convictions of goodness / badness / rightness /
wrongness / justness / fairness / morality / immorality /
acceptability / unacceptability / merit / demerit.
Subjective variances as to what entitlements or protections any entity
merits, implies that 'natural (inherent) rights' is a flawed concept.
In our 'natural rights'
infected world we have
too many conversations like:
#$@&%*! YES!
Should abortion be legal?
Overly emphatic. (Expletive enhanced.)
#$@&%*! NO!
Focus on one's preferred 'rights'.
All people have an absolute
right to do with their bodies
as they please.
You learn to count nincompoop.
If two hearts are beating,
then my heart beats for two.
Mocking. Insults. No acknowledgements.
Learn to count moron,
a pregnant person is one person,
not two, and that person is not
a baby-making machine.
Every person at any
stage of life has an
absolute right to life.
Name calling. (Expletive enhanced.)
#$@&%*! Slaver!
#$@&%*! Murderer!
In a post 'natural rights' infected world,
we will hopefully have more caring and
empathic discussions of the concerns of each
other and look hard for considerate
resolutions (that does happen now too, just
less often). It may be relatively less
action-packed, witty or stimulating, but we
may find it a whole lot better for most of
the things we care about.